"There Are Trails That Lead You To Being a Trailblazer."

There are roads that lead you to becoming a leader, you can’t give a testimony about it, if you never been tested, you have to be destined, to get to your destination, having courage leads you to become courageous. There is power in knowing and strength in growing. -Bella Buttafly

Raised in East Point Georgia, where she learned at a very young age about grinding and going after what you wanted. Bella is an entrepreneur who is making marks one step at a time. Ms. Bella is a woman that wears many hats and has a passion for inspiring and uplifting.

Founder of Bella Buttafly LLC which she provides a variety of services: Body Essential Products, Broker/Agent in Logistics, and Event Coordinator. Bella is also a Author, she published her first book in May of 2012. She is the Founder and a Board Member of the 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization 3 SWAG (3 Sisters With A Goal), a organization that assist in the communities. She is also a Radio Host for Power Houze Radio.

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